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Three Amish Folk Songs

for SATB chorus

Mi Vater isch ä Chääser Gsii - Ranges

Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof - Ranges

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Reide, reide, Geili! - Ranges

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  • Mi Vater isch a Chaaser Gsii2:24
  • Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof6:30
  • Reide, Reide, Geili!2:38

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The Amish, popularly known for their horses and buggies, love to sing! Many books and dissertations have been written on the sacred music that the Amish sing during their worship services, but little is known about their non-sacred music. In recent decades, ethnomusicologists have made an attempt to discover the folk singing traditions of these reserved but friendly people. The scholars have found that when the Amish migrated from Germany and Switzerland during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they brought with them the traditional songs from those regions. These songs have been kept fresh through an oral tradition and have also been changed to echo the lives and culture of the Amish. Many of these songs cannot be found in any European folk music archives, but the Amish’s indisposition to change and their way of life has allowed these songs to be preserved. Three of the largest settlements of Amish communities in the United States are found in Holmes County, in central Ohio, Lancaster County, in south-eastern Pennsylvania, and Adams County, in north-eastern Indiana. I have chosen three songs that have been preserved by the communities in those three areas. While helping to spread and preserve these songs, your choir will enjoy the amusing yodeling of Mi Vater isch ä Chääser Gsii, the relaxed and beautiful harmonies of Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof, and the exciting and pulsating rhythms of Reide, Reide, Geili!

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