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Featured Works


Performed by West Boys' High School, Voicemale, Directed by David Squire / Aukland, New Zealand

Abun D'bash'maiyo

Performed by the Capital City Minstrels Choir, Directed by Caroline Remy / Delhi, India

When I Hear Her I Have Wings!

Performed by St. Mary's International School, Varsity Ensemble, Directed by Randy Stenson / Tokyo, Japan

Mi Vater Isch ä Chääser gsii

Performed by SonoLux,

Directed by Dorothy Dyck / Manitoba, Canada

Missa Brevis (TTBB)

Promotional video made by Clemson University

Directed by Anthony Bernarducci / Clemson, SC

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Veni, Veni, Emmanuel

Performed by Männerstimmen Basel

Directed by Oliver Rudin / Basel Cathedral, Switzerland

​I am always interested in who is performing my music. If you are planning a performance of one of my pieces or if you have performed one of them in the past I would love to know about it! Please leave a message below and I will get back to you right away.

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1079 Fire Tower Road

Colora MD 21917 US


How to find me.

​I am available for commission. I specialize in compositions for unaccompanied voices, but I feel just as at home writing for instruments. I would love to write a piece for you and your choir. I can tailor your composition according to your needs.

Commission a Composition!

MARK D. TEMPLETON, born 1974, is an American choral composer, conductor, and countertenor. Templeton’s music has been described by the Boston Music Intelligencer as “charming and entertaining, playing with homophony and polyphony, and having a winning way with neo-romantic sweet dissonances.” Some of his music is published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing, and he has recently started to self-publish. His music for men’s voices, including When I Hear Her I Have Wings, has been performed across the world at various international festivals and ACDA conventions. His Missa Brevis  has recently been featured in a doctoral dissertation at Florida State University.

Templeton is also a sought after performer and clinician. He currently sings countertenor with Vox Populi, Delaware's professional chamber choir. He resides with his wife, Becca, at West Nottingham Academy in Colora, Maryland, the oldest boarding school in the United States, where he is the director of choral activities, music theory, and music composition.  He also enjoys coaching, playing, and watching soccer when he is not working. He is available for commission upon request.